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About me

I am Maciej Bedra, very positive, a little bit bashful, cultural and well organized person, always on time. I am ambitious, stubborn, assertive, always following my aims. I feel really well in working group. I am positive about all people I met and I like to help them as I can. I am interested in computer science since childhood. Firstly I was deep into hardware, now I am working really hard on my programming skills.

I am constantly following technological news. I am intrested in motorization (especially motorcycles) and tennis. I am always trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Apart from the work I devote a lot of my spare time on self-development. Frequently I can not decide what to do with my free time because to much things are interesting me.

Coding activity

(last week)

Languages (top 5)

1. Java (11h 36m)
2. XML (1h 29m)
3. YAML (0h 34m)
4. Markdown (0h 25m)
5. Properties (0h 14m)

Programming time

14h 29m



Building a modern, responsive website in the newest WEB technologies from scratch. Additionally with content management system at customer request.

Software and apps

Any type of computer, WEB or mobile software prepared specially for customer needs.

Graphics and logotypes

Computer graphics to use on website or in application. Creation of simple logo, logotype. Photo processing.

Servicing devices

Finding problem, diagnosing and repairing a malfunction in PCs, laptops, phones, tablets and peripherals.

System configuration

Installation of necessary drivers, programs, elimination of errors, antivirusing, deep system configuration on any kind of opearting system.

Network installation

Configuration of network devices, earning cables, testing and diagnosis LAN networks.

Featured works



JavaFX + Spring Boot application to rename large group of files at the same time with appropriate pattern given by user.

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Really simple, ultra fast and light weight Java logging module. MBLogging was created in alternative to standard Java logging library for small/medium projects that do not need big logging libraries like Log4j. Colorful logs output is supported.

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Intelligent profanity filter

Experimental project to find out if feed forward neural network with primitive approach could work as profanity filter on group chat.

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Plugin to Sublime Text 3 text editor that integrates with Discord communicator. Plugin allow you to share your programming activity with other Discord users. Support for 55 languages which also are supported by Sublime Text 3.

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Discord Rich Presence Client

Unofficial discord-rpc wrapper (only rich presence part) written in Python, oficially tested by Discord developers. This library gives you opportunity to integrate Discord Rich Presence feature with your application written in Python.

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Thailand 2017 Clip

Short video clip with climatic music in which I am showing my best memories form 9 days holidays in Thailand.

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